Thumb Drift - Furious Racing Hack Exe Online (On Ipad)

Device Ipad Apple Thumb Drift - Furious Racing hack tool


  1. 2016-02-17
  2. info #1 Arcade Drifting Game
  3. Iphone
  4. Version 1.4.4
  5. genre Racing
  6. Notices This game is very simple an clean. The animations and UI are snappy and easy to navigate. I understand this game isn’t supposed to be 100% realistic, but the way you control the car doesn’t make sense. For example, the more you drag to turn your car, the smaller the turn radius. In other words, no matter how fast you are moving or how sharp you turn, you always get the same “grip”. Making this game all about how fast you can react to the turns and how precise your timing is. It’s hard to explain but it just doesn’t represent actual drifting very well. And for an app purely based around drifting, it’s disappointing there is no more strategy involved besides swiping left and right really fast and trying to avoid walls. The game itself isn’t bad, but it’s a bit stale. Too bad they already released the game with these mechanics, now they can’t change them. It would be like Call of Duty changing to a third third person shooter (but obviously not to the same degree.) Well devolved game, just missing some logic. On another note, ads come up after every 5 or so attempts, (could also be time based, I don’t know) and they aren’t very intrusive to the game compared to other games I’ve experienced. Overall a decent game
  7. 2124 reviews

Thumb Drift – Furious Racing ! Over 12 million downloads! Thanks to all the Thumb Drifters out there. Note: There are 2 types of cars. Cars which you can pay to unlock or get for free. ‎Thumb Drift - Furious Racing on the App Store. Get Thumb Drift — Fast & Furious Car Drifting. Thumb Drift - Furious Racing v1.4.895 (Mod.



  • 1000 / 1000